In a day relatively quiet and once undisturbed, life rolled out regular as waves kissed gently by the sun.  No one questions good days such as these.  It is in days that thin and nights that hold too long when life unravels to questions and doubts and promises built upon frayed.  There in life when all goes wrong and disconnects us from good, Grace hunts for us lost and dire need of finding.  This day met me once unannounced.  My day dimmed darker than black when my first wife died without sign or warning.

There we were: a man hollowed and barely standing just in front of three little daughters half-orphaned by death.

Each day holds an immeasurable amount of grace able to lift the heaviest of burdens.  And this truth I can attest to: God knows the little details, and He cares.  This truth found me in the darkest of days and awakened a new reality of faith that has guided me into a new day.  From shuffling steps to a measured stride, these days have blossomed into good joy of healthy daughters that know of weakness and God's strength and marriage to a woman who loves fiercely.

So far, I have found myself as a husband, pastor, father, church planter, widower, single parent, author and happily married again.  As one who loves a good adventure and who's learning to be settled within God's grace, a grin steadies my face as I look to the days ahead.

I write here, as well as Deeper Story, as a means of crafting better words to weave together good story.  

Oh, and there will be more books - those are the word adventures I truly love.