Coffee and words, almost.

Today is the first seasonably cool day. In regular good ole Texas fashion, storm clouds gathered and waited at the starting line until pushing through with quick fury, angry at the dried, sparse Texan ground. Rain showered down at pushed angles carried by wind determined to push through quickly. And here we are enjoying our first Fall feeling day. The heat won't relent, though, as our forecast shows 80's again tomorrow and in the week ahead.

I'm celebrating the cooler temps though, sleeping later, moving slower and actually drinking a full cup of coffee this morning. Good times, indeed, as I read this morning.

What's not to love about creating your own band. You're welcome.

I loved reading about this year's Nobel Peace Prize winners - amazing folks doing amazing things.

Perhaps, eschatological arguments are how you pass a good time. If so, you may enjoy this read as well ...or maybe not.

Also, you should consider purchasing this book. I contributed an essay to it.

And as you close your web browser, go out with some (anti) digital inspiration.