FATHER FACTOR: AMERICAN CHRISTIAN MEN ON FATHERHOOD AND FAITH is a collection of essays bound into book. These essays were pinned by men who shared their thoughts, enamored memories, crushing defeats and forward falling hopes - their stories faith blending and shaping their perspective on what it is to be a father.

When I first signed on with the project, I was drawn to the diversity of men searched for and ultimately chosen as contributors. Why? Simple. Because I have much to learn as a father and a long way to go to get to where I’d like to be as a father whose “children will be like olive shoots around the table.” I may not share the same perspective as every contributor, may even be challenged in some areas, but one thing’s certain: I can find God in the details of every story. And I have more of a responsibility to find God in all things, in all places where He will be found, than to only find Him only in my defined, comfortable context.

I’ve read through these collection of essays, journeyed with men haunted by the past, broken by hurts, unsure about the present, and yet, hopeful throughout. Their hope given cause by our God who loves perfectly; his love, absent of the slightest fear and able to withstand our hurts and our own failings.

I’m proud to stand with these diverse gentlemen, and I’d like to invite you to read our stories, spy our Heavenly Father in the mirk and mire, forget about what makes a father good and learn of our Father’s goodness unending.

I’ve learned many things about myself as a father thus far, but one thing remains central: “thus shall the man be blessed who fears the Lord.” Holding the Lord above all parenting strategies, struggles, defeats, small successes and ideas of fathering, tempers a right attitude and reminds me that no matter how learned I become, God always must and should be the One leading.

Father Factor releases for purchase next week, October 14th, but this week only, our publisher is offering a 35% discount for all pre-orders.

Here’s a link for you to purchase: Father Factor: American Christian Men on Fatherhood and Faith

(*Psalm 128, ESV)