Coffee and words, almost.

Despite no coffee for eights days now, it's a chipper Saturday morning here in our household. Marissa and I still have 14 days to go sans coffee and full of greens, earthy veggies and detoxing supplements all thanks to our three weeks of eating habit reform. Two habits, in particular, I need to reshape are lack of sleep and dependency on coffee. These both work in connected detraction to my health as I age. Simply put, the longer I'd continue depriving my body of a full night's sleep the more my body would suffer. Adding coffee as a means to not only wake me up but pull me through the evening was only masking the sleep deprivation. The indicators became more frequent and apparent: irritability, lack of concentration and focus, lull in creativity, elevated blood pressure and cholesterol. 

I'll reintroduce coffee to my life in a couple weeks, but it'll be a delight, not a necessity. That's my aim as a whole - to live healthy now and prepare to age strong.

And so, cheers to this weekend and beyond, as I get set to sip my beet infused morning shake. I hope you enjoy the reads below: