Coffee and words, almost. (not quite)

Day 15. Another Saturday morning met with a cool glass of water whilst I peruse articles of interest. Since day four of the detox - 90% veggies, some fruit, water and an daily organic tea or two, the headaches have relented as I give my body the sleep it truly needs and I truly am beginning to feel healthier. A few years from now, I'll be entering my fourth decade of life and the aim is to be healthy as late into life as possible, for there are mountains I want to climb, trails I want to ride and adventures to be had. My then dog in tow, I'd also like to have the vigor to introduce adventure into the lives of my also then grandkids. So 21 days to recalibrate food and habit is truly an investment into tomorrow and all that God has before me.

Here are my finds this morning. I hope you enjoy.

Jewish life before the Holocaust

You Really Can Teach Yourself to be Smarter

And here's a tool to write a bit smarter

Speaking of, here's some rather smart design

Preaching 'God' and Justifying the Self

Lastly, an interesting read on desire and deliverance, appropriately titled, 'Desire and Deliverance'


Cheers to the extended weekend and endless glasses of cool water!