Coffee and words, almost.

DAY 22.

WITH THE DETOX CLEANSE finally complete and all seems right in my world again. Three weeks full of experimental veggie smoothies, vegetable bullied meals and snacks too green for my liking. The liking took about a week and then I began to appreciate eating a meal and feeling satisfied in the right kind of way, rather than eating too much of the wrong types of food (bread, meat, grains, sugar) to feel full. Beyond this cleanse, me and the Mrs., plan to continue a eating plan consisting of a majority of greens accompanied by a minority enjoyment of clean meat, fish and fruit. I'm rather looking forward to it, too. 

And I should say, we woke very early for a Saturday morning to watch Chloe run in circles for her first soccer match, all without the help of coffee. Still later into the morning, no coffee. I don't need it. For the first time maybe ever, I can enjoy coffee for its goodness, not its caffeine. So I'll have a cup at some point, maybe this morning, but when I'm ready.

Yes, this detox has created a new normal I'm growing very fond of. 

Here are a few links that I've enjoyed reading. I hope you enjoy them as well.

Cheers to the weekend, friends!