what you really say.

Truth holds a value forever deeper than words.Words are a vehicle that both carry and hold truth.

It is quite simple.  When we do not tell the truth, we lie.  Truth is not a complexity that must be judged, evaluated or measured.  It plainly and very absolutely is what it is.  We lie when we do not speak truth.  No matter how convenient or polite or thoughtful it may be to not tell the truth, if it is anything other than what is real or honest, it will always be a lie.

“How do I look?”

Relationships can only really exist when they are held by truthfulness and honesty.  Without truth, relationships cannot evolve.  In fact, relationships that exist with holes maintained, not only remain immature and anemic, but dissolve and crumble.  Truth is an accurate measuring depth of health, direction and growth of every intimate relationship.  Without honesty and truth, all you have is a loosening association.

What you really say when you do not tell the truth is that I do not matter as much as you do.  No relationship can suffer such a blow, especially repeatedly.  Over time, it is small, convenient untruths, lies, that cause much more harm to relationships than isolated ones that are corrected.  A person who is repeatedly lied to will struggle with having to determine if what is being spoken is truth or not.  Distracted with having to validate and confirm truth, the relationship suffers.  When we lie and pass it for truth, we begin to redefine what truth actually means.  Truth and honesty become something a bit more ambiguous and reconfigurable when we need it to be.  What we really say is that we are very honest only when it is good for us to be.  Otherwise, in tough and straining situations, there is a good chance we are not telling the truth.

At least not completely. And what is truth if it is not true?

Truth is better than gold to me.  Without it, there is nothing to hold two people together meaningfully.  With it, relationships are indescribably beautiful, immeasurably strong and forever valuable.

As best as I can and in all situations, I am striving to be honest consistently and thoroughly.  Truth is, I am only as good in relationships as what I really say.  If the cumulative total of your words is a trail of half truths and conveniently positioned words, then you will always lack deep connection.

Truth is a lesson that I am continually trying my best to stay fully committed to.  By doing so, I will be able to teach it accurately to my daughters.  That is my ultimate secondary goal.  One day, they will be committing themselves to relationships.  I want them to be identified as trustworthy.  In teaching them to be honest now, I will be giving them the gift and ability of being able to establish healthy, quality relationships that they are secure in, not always protecting, proving, reshaping and trying to hold together.