18 inches of trust :: a guest post.

Recently, along with a few others, I received an invite to write as a guest for a friend’s site (sayable.net).  The scope of topics were laid out for our choosing.  I chose to write about trust.

Trust does not always come with natural and effortless ease.  For me, and I’d imagine for quite a few of you, trust cuts against the grain of comfort and quiet in my heart.  Even in sinking moments when obvious cues scream move, jump, hold, remember, and the promise of better fades into plain sight, trust is not a neatly resolved conclusion.

It is the first step onto a rickety bridge promising to hold you some 20 feet above a crossing that bears the most fear ...and the most trust.

You must value something as true before you give trust.

In the day to day, trust adds up to more than disconnected, autonomous decisions.  Trust is a journey both into oneself and out of the shifting wasteland of one’s life as center and end.  What we trust reveals what we belief, value honestly as supportive and sustaining and ascribe as true.

I’d like to thank Lore for inviting me to guest on her site during her hiatus and allowing me space to draw from below my heart’s surface and bleed a bit on paper (or screen).  Make sure to visit her site and subscribe for regular updates.  She’s working on a book that you’ll want to read.  Trust me.

Here’s a direct link to my guest post.  “18 inches of trust.”