A Deeper Family :: Grief, 3 little girls and God somewhere.

Recently, I received an invitation to join a team of storytellers focused on drawing back the curtain on family by sharing pieces of life both lived through and learned.  I'm quite honored to be part of such a talented team of writers.  Diversity runs rampant between us, but one thing weaves consistent through us all: God.  And a few virtues we feel endearing and necessary: honesty, vulnerability, grace and tomorrow. Below is an excerpt from my first post for A Deeper Family.

It’s been two years since my wife drew her last breath in an ICU room after five days of being supported by medicine and machines, and finally I feel as though we are just beginning to level out.  You could imagine the polarized difference between a household balanced with two loving parents being reduced to half and the weight it would add.  Add sorrow and grief into the mix and the emptiness of daughter without mother.  And now add the emotional differences of three little girls and a hollowed out, shell-shocked dad.  That’s a recipe for implosion, full meltdown.

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