the one thing you'd better thieve from your child's heart tonight :: A DEEPER FAMILY post

The night lingered on and all subsided back to normal.  Excitement cooled to end of night, which meant bedtime.  And then another day. Before the next day’s arrival, I laid restless tangled in bad.


From the very moment each of my daughters entered this life, they have owned pieces of my heart.

When tears well in their eyes widened or victory swells in their hearts soaring, I am with them attentive to the emotion present.  I love seeing them succeed.  More so, their faces lighting up bright and bold send my heart into the sky.  A smile slides across their face evidencing a flash of brilliant accomplishment in their growing little hearts, and I know they feel good.

Conversely, my heart sinks with theirs when they come up short, get it wrong or make mistakes.  In my head, I know these moments may end up being the best teacher to them, but still, it’s typically harder for me to watch them realize they’re on the wrong end.  Failure on any level is tough whether you’ve failed or the situation has failed you.  As they sink into themselves and darkened emotion they fade momentarily, and I know they feel bad.

These are two states of being both leading parallel off course. 

As a parent, my top priority is to love them as complete as I can.  For me, loving them in this way means to rid their little hearts of both misguiding thoughts and lock them on course to a healthy tomorrow.

Good and bad, defined in our effort and action that lingers, staining, as tomorrow killers and God haters.