of the stitched kind :: A DEEPER FAMILY MONTHLY FEATURE

cross stitched family close up (image credit :: elsabags.blogspot.com)

It’s funny how three little girls separated by five years can have such differing opinions on the exact same happening in life.  Personality, age, temperament and individual uniqueness all certainly attribute to the differences in response.  Each of my little girls are growing into their own little person.  They see life through lenses specific to them and interpret life accordingly.

Life hasn’t been all that easy for them.

Their little eyes washed of a certain innocence have filled with tears pushed out of them by grief and loss.  When they lost their mother, they somehow simultaneously grew tightly together and stood distinctly apart.

It’s been the greatest stroke of grace to watch much of their lives end, float in insecurity and find current pushing them into a glowing new horizon.

And all in three years.

So if you’d sit with one of my daughters at some point and ask them to describe the last three years or ask them to illustrate emotions in a drawing, you’d get differing, not opposing but layered, responses.

And they’re all right.