joie de vivre, a thanksgiving.


a smile connected to the sun known by shuffled steps and a beaded brow all waited for all breath held for all hope hesitated for fulfillment, rest oh, and sleep the Sun faithful truer than truth known


It’s been awhile since I’ve smiled without effort and rested in the day here without waiting for another.  That’s the day I know now, full of hope and the knowledge that no matter the circumstance, hope perseveres, founded in the faithfulness of a God who knows no stopping or uncaring.  Other days will crash ashore with uncertainty and challenge, but the faithful learn that trust is best perfected in unnavigable waters.

Ten days into marriage and my heart couldn’t be more thankful - thankful that God gave me the tenacity to not let go in the pursuit of hope and happiness and the strength to cross from one life to another.  And joy overflows.  Marissa emanates a blinding beauty all of her own accord, but will forever echo hope in a way my heart hears especially because of God in the binding of us.  In today and into tomorrow, we will walk hand-in-hand, through thick and thin, matching love and smiles in each wave that crashes upon us all because of Something much bigger than us, bigger than death and life.

And so, this is a simple thank you, a public testament honoring God for never letting me become lost within myself or too afraid of each crashing day into me following my first wife’s death some three years ago.

You must allow yourself to be found, throw open the blinds and welcome in thankfulness, and then you will be there found and free.  Unprejudiced thankfulness is the fruit that hangs on the branches grafted into God by grace.  For then, nothing can thieve the joy of living.

We all have much to shout thanksgiving for.  Raise your glass, friend, in the thickest and thin.