10 Habits to Break (and NOT Live By)

brick-labyrinth We are creatures of habit calling for change yet comfortable in our worn rhythms.  Months quick fade to years and our feet settle, unable to step out of the smallest rut.

Some jump to categorize habits as bad behaviors needed to be broken, but this is only half true.  Habits are not enemies - how we hold to them are.  People live in good habits for a lifetime and live life well.  Living a healthy life requires healthy habits.  These healthy habits act as an infrastructure insuring goals and guiding to actual accomplishment.

The discipline of an artist diligent at early light leads to productivity and development while the artist who sleeps only dreams of what he might do. Contrarily, bad habits often lead us away from where we want to be and deeper into a crippled life.  For as many reasons as I can think of and prop against, the only reason for bad habits tolerated in my life . . . is me.  I hold on to habits that work against my desired course and aimed for outcomes.  I slow myself down, follow paths to dead ends, dream more than do and sleep later than I should.

Maybe you’re like me in that you flirt with the life you’d like more often than put your feet on to its path and push one foot forward.  I tend to move forward in spurts.  I get distracted and lazy and allow bad habits to occupy space that sucks time like a vacuum.

I’ve compiled a list of hold-me-down habits that need breaking, over and over again.

procrastination    fear   worry    small     idleness      distraction       seriousness        familiar independence, safety

I could probably continue to list habits that need discontinuing, but these are recurring behaviors and mindsets that I need to dislodge myself from.  I’ll spend time writing about each of these a bit more in depth in weeks ahead.

Surely you have a list, too.

Find a quiet corner with pen and paper and take time to envision the life that you want to live but because of allowed bad habits, are not living it.  List every habit holding you back, slowing you down and limiting your reach.  But don’t stop there.

Make a replacement plan.  Every bad habit must be replaced with something to reprogram your activity and focus.

And here’s a big reminder: your effort will always be small and limited.

Pray for God’s strong grace in each and every one of your days.

Setting habits is more than mere behavior modification.  It is not a case of behavior but of what you belong to.  Each day belong to the gifts that God has created in you and the day that He created you for.