Coffee and words.

A good Saturday to you. My cup of coffee is shallow and cooler, but my heart is full of excitement and adventure. Today is a bit of a man day for me. The girls are taking to painting and fall crafts, so I'm popping the hood on my '89 Landcruiser to give her a bit of TLC and meeting up with a buddy for an afternoon of weekend revelry. I hope you've lined something up for your weekend, something that'll recharge you and awaken wonder.

I hope you enjoy the articles below, and I hope they serve as some meditative material for your thoughts. Here's to a bit more coffee and elbow grease! 

Here's a great Saturday morning read from a writer friend whose perspective and experiences I truly respect. Pour another cup and step into the holy.

I just recently discovered Justin Ricklefs when I stumbled onto his article over at Good Men Project - 15 Things All Dads of Daughters Should Know 

Watching movies is truly one of our favorite family times throughout the week. Tonight, the five of us are headed to a family movie. Here's a good read on defining movies with messages.

A book about hope that I'm looking forward to.

Does your local church have the right to define your Christianity?

Speaking of church as it relates to us and culture, here's an interesting read on how the SBC seems to be intentionally updating its tone on homosexuality and marriage.