coffee and words, almost.

This week. As Dickens was penned, 'It was the best of times and the worst of times.' 

School ended to the joyous celebration of our kids. And with the end of school began good times. All packed up and ready for a summer week with grandma, the girls' eyes glimmered with the wonder of road trips and adventures that shape lasting memory. With the house empty and soon to be emptier, my wife decided to join me in Mexico City for a few days. I had a couple days of work while her plan was to unwind a bit amidst a lighter work load. My book, Earth and Sky, released while we were out of the country to plenty of encouragement from friends and family. It was an ultimate moment of accomplishment and welcome to a new world of writing. She lovingly sat near, the rain patting puddles in the street just next to our table. I nervously worked through words and emotions of just how the book releasing to the public felt - a weird mingling of success, relief and fear. As often, her listening to me was salvation. My thought speak can be quite demeaning. So over a cozy late evening dinner, she helps me out to dream about the next couple of project ideas circling in my head.

There will be more books. That makes me happy.

Mexico City was good for us.

And then the worst of times. Only back for 24 hours, I found myself back on a plane. This time I traveled alone as my travel schedule included an out and back flight in the same day. All went well until I arrived at the tiniest regional airport for my return flight to Dallas and found out that I missed my flight. The even worst - no more flights out until the next day. After scouring the web for any sort of solution to get me home, I found myself behind the wheel of one of the smallest cars I've ever driven. My foot to the floor, I was determined to keep our dinner date plans. Suffice to say, I made the trip in surely what the rental car lady would've considered record time to sit across the table from my lovely wife and recount the stressful adventure.

Which brings me to Saturday morning, coffee in hand, hoping to lift my sagging eyes.

Our daughters are returning tonight, and so, today is an all relaxation day. That being said, friends, here's a few reads that may bring some entertainment to your day, mid-day, that is. Happy Saturday, friends!!