coffee and words, almost.

A happy summer Saturday to you!  Grab a cold brew coffee, sink into the couch and read for awhile.

Earlier this week, I found myself asleep while standing in a TSA line at a groggy 6am to catch a quick flight to Atlanta for the ICRS event - International Christian Retail Show.  I had no idea what those letters stood for either when my publisher sent me a flight itinerary for a quick day trip.  What a huge event it was!  Literary agents, publishers, authors, writers, freelancers, independent bookstore owners and plenty of others filled the event center to explore newly released books, films, music albums and so much more.  As I sat to begin signing copies of my book, I thought once again just why someone would want my sloppy marking, that'd be sure to make Hancock blush, adorn a book from an author they'd surely never heard of.  But alas, many copies were gladly signed and given.  I discovered that although I felt out of my element and a bit weird about the whole thing initially, I actually had an amazing time meeting people who asked about my book and even shared stories of loss from their own lives as they stood just feet away from me.  I look forward to more of these type of opportunities.

And before you get on with the link discovery, a note about ordering my book.  If you happened to order a physical copy of Earth and Sky from Amazon, please know that it could take up to a month for you to receive your order.  This, of course, is out of my control as it is my publisher who coordinates all order fulfillment from Amazon.  Please know that you can cancel your order if you placed an order at Amazon and order your copy directly at to get your order typically within 5-7 business days.  

And with that, here's what has been interesting to me this morning: