when my eyes fell silent


brushed in place, clothed a hue of fire

a world away

all of its own

autonomy awaits discovery - an invitation to explore

the moment, the day slows just so,

man's hour forlorn

as knowledge fades with light

man crashing on another age's shore.


the sky answers reverberating maybe the most ancient profundity of all: silence, of all around and more.


silently the sky witnesses the madmen who descend upon mortals like mice, social units they are,

entombed as cultural shadows scurrying around for enamored permanence.


c'est la vie, mon cheri,

an Amen of the truest

spied in the sky over the moon evidences in a child's lullaby and a whispered fairytale, too. 


and we rush into the noise again

forgetting who we are -  

statues formed too soon,  misshapen;

lost altogther in the sound.