Satan, Free Will and The Center.


Words, places, events, characters - men and women, kings, queens and empires, heartache and triumph and you and me - true as the straightest line continuing beyond sight and forever and as ancient as the first man, and then some.

Always. That’s the story.

There is good, and there certainly is bad. Always will be. That is, until we reach the end, just as every proper story has an end. And at the funeral of death, we will all sing in blended, indistinguishable symphony. Good will stand unopposed in the sight of God and so will the once hopeful, the lasted, the lovers and the leaders, the choosers and the chosen: the whole of the redeemed.

So goes our stretching conversations . . .or something close to that.

I often wonder how our daughters see the world and who they’ll be as they age in the years ahead. A parent can only do so much as pray and hope that the love practiced and the words spoken dig roots into their hearts.