Embrace a Break in Habit

NOT IN THE spontaneity of come-and-go inspired moments that ebb and flow based on time of day or mood, but in the regularity of embracing creativity do artists produce. Some wake up earlier than dawn while others work deep into the evening, and still, other creatives hone their craft throughout the day - what is common to the producing creative is schedule.

As a writer, I struggle with discipline and regularity far more than the writing itself. I always try to convince myself that if I lived an adventurous life similar to Hemingway, I too would write with an intimidating ferocity. My keyboard would fear me, and the many books written as a result would wall me in literary glory. The convincing and the glory don’t stand a chance pitted against a schedule filled with work deadlines, family commitments, rest - not to mention the countless other minor distractions given attention to.

During the writing of my book Earth and Sky I reached a point of creative drought. All my words written and phrasing sounded like a monotonous merging of the same idea stated the same way over and over and over again. I hated the sound of keystrokes and the feel of pen in hand as all my effort lacked the creative passion I first started out the book with. I fought for my regular writing schedule because everyone reinforced the necessary discipline. As a result, those early mornings were losing battles piling higher. And the book wasn’t being written.

We reach points when we need escape: from ourselves, and the effort given.

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